My first impressions of Frankfurt am Main including places to visit, to eat and drink and lovely gardens. I must confess that I fell in love with the city and its people at first sight. Frankfurters are relaxed, yet they love to ride bikes and do canoeing in the river Main or just run in the parks. You can real feel that family and a healthy lifestyle are at their core. Despite its big modern skyscrapers the city has a charismatic old town in the center that allows to have a glimpse of the splendor that Frankfurt am Main was a century or more ago. There is still a lot to discover in this remarkable city, let the new adventures begin!

Frankfurt am Main is known by its famous Wurst (German sausage) usually served with French fries and a little bread roll, it is really delicious. However you can find worldwide cuisine throughout the city. My favourite type of food is Asian food or Italian and I promise that you won’t be disappointed by the city’s offer in regards to this matter (I have added some photos in the gallery below).

Another great aspect about the city is that the parks have wild life and you can see rabbits, squirrels, swans, ducks and little sparrows ... The kids in the parks run wild and it’s pleasant to see how they interact with these animals. One can say that Frankfurt am Main is a city where its habitants take healthy lifestyle and life-work balance seriously and it’s reflected in the city’s architectural landscape.

Indeed, so many skyscrapers to see contrasting with the old buildings in the city center, especially near “Das Rathaus” and then from there to the Riverside. In the core of the city center there is the “Zeil” where you can see people shopping. In Frankfurt am Main the shops close at 8pm therefore people are always shopping for groceries or clothes or just stopping for a coffee or ice cream. I like the area around the old Opera House as it sets a very romantic atmosphere with the street lamps, almost parisiense style. And for shopping there is nothing like Goethestraße where you can also find luxury fashion brands stores from Gucci to Prada to Chanel and of course my favourite one Michael Kors.

Frankfurt am Main has conquered my heart as I have decided to build my own family here, and probably will conquer the heart of those who visit it too. It’s a city that I highly recommend to visit during the Spring/Summer to enjoy nice cocktails on a rooftop skyscraper beach club or to just lay down next to the Riverside and appreciate the lovely views.